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Hell And It's Existence According To Alternative Christian Teachings
Let's talk about Hell. During recent centuries, most Christian denominations, faith groups, and most Muslim traditions have taught the belief in the existence of a Hell where some -- perhaps most --... Read more
by Bruce A Robinson | Religious Tolerance
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Personal Image of God
The feeble human mind can never completely define God, and yet, it is important to have a personal definition, a way to connect with the Infinite. Read more
by Gudjon Bergmann | Interspirituality for the Modern Day Seeker
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Secrets to Living a Life of Purpose & Fulfillment
Every human being has a right to be happy and feel a personal connection with God. God puts desire and a yearning for purpose in our lives that guides us to know this connection and to realize... Read more
by Mastura Debra Graugnard | Essence of the One
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February New Moon
The last month has been filled with a lot of releasing of the past, and setting new intentions. This New Moon in Aquarius spotlights more of the same and tells you to stop the talk and start walking... Read more
by Kristy Robinett | A Happy Medium
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The Lord’s Prayer and the Mystical Poetry of Jesus
When Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray, what were they really asking Him for? In response, Jesus gave them in simple language what they needed most – all they would ever really... Read more
by Karen Azar Rubin | Companions on the Journey
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Practicing the Power of Love
The Power of Love We talk about the power of love. It can be a challenge for us, though, to appreciate the practical, everyday power of love in our lives. Sometimes it is easier for us to see how... Read more
by Greg Richardson | Strategic Monk
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