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A New Look at Karma
As we look for meaning in our lives, each passing year gives us more opportunity to understand the clues from the past. The synchronicities and patterns I discovered led me to research karma. . .and... Read more
by Constance Vincent | Companions on the Journey
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Breathing As a Spiritual Practice
Now I'm not a yogi by any stretch (sorry..) of the imagination, but I was inspired to attend a class recently at our local yoga studio. I'm glad I did. It reminded me to breathe—to breathe that is,... Read more
by Gerard A. Murphy | Pit Stop for the Spiritually Bamboozled
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Why You Should Watch "Come Sunday" on Netflix
"What would you do if a bus filled with African-American Universalist Christians arrived at your congregation one Sunday morning interested in joining your congregation?" This question was one of... Read more
by | Carl Gregg
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A Guy Did Ayahuasca 4 Days Straight - Here's What He Learned
If you looked into the world’s most honest mirror, what would you see? The question above comes from the writer Sean Illing. In a recent issue of the online publication Vox, he wrote a story titled... Read more
by Tom Rapsas | Wake Up Call
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Written in the Night
If you can’t sleep or look away from all that’s going on, then you haven’t done enough. I know that’s not helpful. But we have to accept this so we can do better the next time. We have to stand up... Read more
by Mark Nepo | Field Notes on Living
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What to Do When We Hit the Wall
How We Practice Community We all thirst for community, yet we each practice community in our own ways. There were times in my experience when I sought community based on shared interests. I learned... Read more
by Greg Richardson | Strategic Monk
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