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What Bill Murray Can Teach Us About Life
A few years ago, there was an article in Rolling Stone titled “Being Bill Murray.” It told the story of how the now 67-year old actor has a habit of engaging in sometimes mischievous, often... Read more
by Tom Rapsas | Wake Up Call
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Prayer of the Heart is the Heart of Prayer
Scripture very bluntly tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God — and so, my brothers and sisters, I feel that I must begin today’s sermon by confessing one of my own sins.... Read more
by Carl McColman | Carl McColman
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A Simple Meditation Flow for Genius-level Creativity
When you think of the geniuses of history, the people who create art and technology that change our culture for generations, what do you suppose gives them the ability to do so? What sets them apart... Read more
by Ilchi Lee | Living Tao with Ilchi Lee
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Why Finding God In All Things Leads to Fullness of Joy
One of the my favorite Christian writers is a woman who lived in fourteenth century England. We don’t even know her name. But we know her by the name of her church, which was St. Julian’s Church in... Read more
by Carl McColman | Carl McColman
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Stay in the Moment!
Staying in the present moment is an important step in creating what you want. Our point of power is in the present moment. If our energy is always focused on the past or worried about the future, we... Read more
by Pamala Oslie | Spirituality and Consciousness
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Discover your Soul and Hearts Desire
Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Jesus Sometimes a good life keeps us from a better life, many of the things we crave in life will never satisfy our soul.  In fact, many good... Read more
by Paul Bane | Mindful Christianity Today
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