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The Dalai Lama and the incredible power of a smile
It's a chicken and egg situation. Does the warmth emanating from the Dalai Lama’s heart cause him to spontaneously break into a smile? Or does the smile come first, spreading happiness throughout... Read more
by Tom Rapsas | Wake Up Call
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Silence is the Sanctuary for God's Presence
Silence is the sanctuary for God's presence residing in the depths and recesses of our heart.  In the solitude and quiet, we seek and discover the love of Christ dwelling with us. In the silence, we... Read more
by Paul Bane | Mindful Christianity Today
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Circles of Compassion
Compassion, I believe, is born when love meets fear. But compassion unfolds, in four stages, in an epigenetic fashion – each subsequent stage incorporates but transcends the previous stage. And each... Read more
by Father Seán ÓLaoire, PhD | Companions on the Journey
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The Wounds of Christ
It is easy to feel distant from the person Jesus, a poor Jewish man who lived 2,000 years ago. Meditating on the wounds of the crucified Jesus in my church, it occurred to me that each of his wounds... Read more
by Jason M. Brown | Holyscapes
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Practices From the Inside Out: Waking Up Every Morning
Waking Up Every Morning A spiritual discipline I have practiced longer than I can remember is waking up every morning. I cannot remember the last morning I did not wake up at least once. Each... Read more
by Greg Richardson | Strategic Monk
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Carrying the Water
When overwhelmed by the suffering, bring water to the first you find. When you can’t grasp, embody.   All life depends on water. As such, access to water has become a universal right in the... Read more
by Mark Nepo | Field Notes on Living
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