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Elementary School's Yoga Program Deemed "Unholy" and Deceptive by...
The Maryland school thankfully said they had no plans to change the program. After all, it's just about helping students deal with stress. Read more
by Sarahbeth Caplin | Friendly Atheist
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Southern Baptist Leader: Abused Women Should Not Divorce
Prominent Southern Baptist leader tells women they should never seek a divorce, not even if they’re being beaten and abused by their husband. In an appalling display of Christian misogyny, Paige... Read more
by Michael Stone | Progressive Secular Humanist
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Jerry Falwell, Jr.: There's Nothing Trump Can Do to Lose My Support
Evangelicals like Falwell are driving this nation off a cliff. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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The Super Blood Wolf Moon Is Coming!
In yet another episode of the evangelical parade of Endtimes guesses, a Super Blood Wolf Moon comes our way soon. With it, we can also expect yet another Christian Rapture scare. This time, though,... Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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Why Are Big-Name Atheists So Bad at Taking Criticism?
For someone who makes reason and rationality an aspect of their identity, the idea that their reasoning is faulty can be deeply threatening. Read more
by Adam Lee | Daylight Atheism
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Thanks to El Niño, It Rained So Much, 140 Children Were Massacred...
Archaeologists say the ancient Chimu empire sacrificed "the most important thing they had." Read more
by Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist
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Yes, Biblical Slavery Was the Same as American Slavery
In an ongoing effort to let the Bible speak for itself, consider a post by a Christian apologist who energetically argues that biblical slavery and American slavery were very different. Read more
by Bob Seidensticker | Cross Examined
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Letter to the Editor: Toys "R" Us Is Shutting Down Because Women...
According to a very convinced letter writer, Toys "R" Us is closing down because women aborted all of the company's potential customers. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Video Shows Islamic Bedouin Judges Forcing Accused Wife to Lick Red...
This is a barbaric faith-based version of witch-dunking. Read more
by Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist
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White House Press Office Gives Up Trying to Explain Trump
For the first few months of the Trump administration, Sean Spicer held almost daily press briefings. When Sarah Huckabee Sanders took over, she continued that practice for a while, but now it's only... Read more
by Ed Brayton | Dispatches From the Culture Wars
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Books to Read in 2019 (If You Haven't Already)
Over the holidays, I reread the very first N. K. Jemisin book I had ever read, Killing Moon. I mentioned to a sister-in-law that I had initially read the book five years ago, and was surprised how... Read more
by Libby Anne | Love, Joy, Feminism
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Graffiti on Side of Utah Highway Reads "Joseph Smith Was a Pedophile"
The Mormon Church admits Joseph Smith was married to a 14-year-old. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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