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No, Nobody is Violating Alex Jones' Right to Free Speech
No, Alex Jones didn't suffer a violation of his American rights. His right to free speech, in particular, remains undisturbed. Today, I'll show you why--and why his followers cannot face that... Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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GOP Candidate Who Slammed "Manophobic Hell-Bent Feminist She-Devils"...
Courtland Sykes, who said all women should "stay home and make dinner," just got crushed in the GOP primary for the Senate seat currently held by Claire McCaskill. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Secularisation Is Good for Your Bank Balance
There are many correlations in the world between religion or lack of religion and any other given thing, whether it be moral behaviour, happiness, wellbeing, or some other aspect of life. Now, there... Read more
by Jonathan MS Pearce | A Tippling Philosopher
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Four of the Lies Anti-Vaxxers Want You to Believe
  Anti-vaccination groups do a great job of scaring people about the dangers of vaccines. Anytime I post on the topic, I get many nastygrams from anti-vax parents. If I didn't have a father who... Read more
by Katie Paulson | Without A Crystal Ball
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We Still Know Almost Nothing About Trump Admin's "Religious Liberty...
Does anyone in this administration know what's going on, or do they just not want to tell anybody? Read more
by David G. McAfee | Friendly Atheist
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Remember that "Do You Live in a Bubble" Quiz you took on Facebook?...
Do you remember that quiz that was wildly popular on facebook a few years ago---the one that asked questions to determine whether you lived in a bubble? While reading a recent article by activist... Read more
by Libby Anne | Love, Joy, Feminism
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