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Scientists and Creationists Respond to Neanderthal/Denisovan Coupling
Creationists predetermine what happened---based on their interpretation of Genesis---and proceed to make science fit those pre-drawn conclusions. In contrast, scientists strive to figure out what... Read more
by Libby Anne | Love, Joy, Feminism
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A Movie Claiming to Debunk Evolution Features Pastors Who Don't Understand...
I guess they couldn't find any actual scientists to back up their theory. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Fallible Memories and the Development of Legend
Human memory is unreliable, and a confident memory may not be an accurate one. Take a look at a few examples to see how weak the Christian claim is that the gospels have a reliable, eyewitness... Read more
by Bob Seidensticker | Cross Examined
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Catholic League: Satan Molested All Those Kids in Pennsylvania
Once again, a staunch Catholic Church defender is blaming someone else for all the abuse. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Why Calling Yourself A Catholic Is No Longer Defensible
I'd venture to guess that even the crew of the ISS has whiffed the stank of the story coming out of Pennsylvania the past few days. Priests, en masse, manhandling children, marking them as their... Read more
by Courtney Heard | Godless Mom
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How My Son's Life-Threatening Illness Stopped My Belief in Pseudoscience
As I sit here in a hospital room, I am surrounded by beeping machines. A ventilator is humming, and my son's chest is gently rising and falling. He's one day post-op from open heart surgery. Despite... Read more
by Katie Paulson | Without A Crystal Ball
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