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Several States Are Launching Their Own Investigations Into the Catholic...
Following Pennsylvania's lead, other attorneys general are starting their own investigations into child sex abuse allegations in the Catholic Church. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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The Sinner's Prayer for Salvation is a Bait and Switch
Mainstream Christian pastors want to make it as easy as possible for guests in their congregation to become members. After an emotionally charged sermon spent convincing the congregation that they... Read more
by Joe Omundson | Ex-Communications
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After Colin Kaepernick Ad, Christian School Bans Nike Apparel for...
The College of the Ozarks is more interested in pseudo-patriotism than genuine love of the country. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Christian Accountabilibuddies Are Seriously A Thing
Today, we look at Christian Accountabilibuddies, which are totally a real thing that many Christians do. Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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Reminding People of the 10 Commandments Doesn’t Make Them Less Likely...
Turns out the Ten Commandments are still pretty useless as a moral guide for life. Read more
by David G. McAfee | Friendly Atheist
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Ask Mommy: Why Bother Expressing Our Insignificance?
I recently found this post here on Patheos, by Frank Schaeffer, titled, I have a nagging question for my atheist friends: if we’re nothing, why bother to convince us of our nothingness? Who cares? I... Read more
by Courtney Heard | Godless Mom
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