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Signs of Magick Addiction
Magick can be an enormously helpful tool in our lives, it can even help us overcome addiction. But, when we need to be careful of developing an addiction to magick. Signs of magick addiction include... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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Fear, Experience, and Becoming Invincible
There’s been a lot of garbage written about fear over the years. People claim fear is only an illusion and they attempt to shame others who are afraid. Sometimes fear is rational. Other times it’s... Read more
by John Beckett | John Beckett
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The Swift-Footed God of Travelers: Why Hermes is Awesome and Why...
Hermes, god of travelers, guide of souls, messenger of the gods - and absolutely crucial to have a connection with as a Hellenist and/or occultist. Read more
by Scarlet Magdalene | Tea Addicted Witch
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My Ulterior Motives for Teaching Modern Witchcraft
Why do our initiates come back to report that taking our course in Modern Witchcraft was: "...the most painful year of my life, but so worth it. I'm a much better person now?" Read more
by Heron Michelle | Witch on Fire
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Protecting your children with magic: Anti bully spells
I receive quite a few queries on a regular basis asking about spells to protect children, especially if they are being bullied.  Bear in mind that I have experienced this situation as a parent... Read more
by Rachel Patterson | Beneath the Moon
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The Mystery Of The Lady In The Woods
A journey to see a mysterious statue in the woods revealed many other secrets Read more
by Megan Manson | Pagan Tama
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