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Development of the Wisdom Goddess
Through considering the religions which influenced and were influenced by the development of Judaism and the Kabbalah we find not only the origins of the Shekinah, but also her subsequent... Read more
by Sorita d'Este | Adamantine Muse
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Do the Gods Need Our Devotion?
Short Answer: No Long Answer: Yes The Gods are immortal. This much is clear from the lore. Not only do they have things like pigs that are alive the day after being eaten, and apples which provide... Read more
by Chris Godwin | From a Common Well
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The Fool tells us to "Just Believe"
Do you feel like giving up? Do you feel like you have bad mojo? Tarot Cards can give so much insight. Read on how the Fool card coupled with a little power of believing can change your life. Read more
by Alura Rose | The Fairy Tale Witch
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Re-Imagining Persephone and the Complexities of Women's Choices
Was Persephone the unwitting victim, trapped in a hellish relationship? Perhaps was a self-appointed therapist to the damned? Or maybe she simply fell for a bad boy? I've been all of these versions... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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21st Century Viking: Racism, Misogyny, and Heathenry
Together as a whole we can become something stronger and something greater. Read more
by Kate Andary | Agora
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Magic Words
Words can shift thoughts and beliefs in the direction that we intentionally want them to flow, and that flow allows good things to come to us. Read more
by Guest Contributor | Through the Grapevine
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