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Moon Magic for April
We are working off the back of the spring equinox and heading towards Beltane, everything is alive and buzzing with energy. Read more
by Rachel Patterson | Beneath the Moon
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Three Simple Spells for Personal Development to do During the Waning...
The waning moon is a great time to do removal magick of all sorts. While there are spells to get rid of all that troubles us, including toxic people, there are times when personal development work... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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Divination In Magical And Spiritual Practice
How is divination useful in your magical or spiritual practice? Here's a number of reasons why I feel it to be a required part of any occultist's practice. Read more
by Scarlet Magdalene | Tea Addicted Witch
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The Lunar Gospel: The Moon
The Moon is the mycelium, she is the moss, she is the matrix that all of the bigger stuff takes place in. She holds it in a net—or a web, or a womb. Read more
by Guest Contributor | Through the Grapevine
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21st Century Viking: Unraveling the Mystery of Loki in Your Life
Loki is going to facilitate the change that you need in your life. Is it going to be that change that you want? Not always, but it will always be the change that you need. Read more
by Kate Andary | Agora
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Why We Believe in Untrue Things
Why do some Pagans cling to historical ideas that just aren't supported by facts? The answer is more nuanced than you might think. Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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A Modern Traditional Witch
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