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The Witch's Three Souls
Unlike our current dominant mainstream religious ideology, in witchcraft, the soul is most often seen and worked with as plural and not singular. Read more
by Mat Auryn | For Puck’s Sake
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What The Spell!
What the spell? Doing Magick can be fairly easy but before you head off to do any spell work, you need to know the basics. What can you expect? What are the basic rules? If you are thinking of doing... Read more
by Alura Rose | The Fairy Tale Witch
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What is a Magical Life?
So, what exactly constitutes a magical life?  Read more
by Lisa Wagoner | Witch, Indeed
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How Do You Get Better At Magic? How To Practice The Right Way
People often say that practicing magic is how you can get better at it, but how do you know what you're practicing is a good practice? What are good practices to help you get better at magic? Read more
by Scarlet Magdalene | Tea Addicted Witch
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Throwing Out the Garbage: Magickal Defense Techniques
One of the best things about Witchcraft is that it's empowering, and some of my favorite empowering spells are one that remove negative people or ideas from my life. Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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LaSiren + Songs Of The Sea
Many tell stories of LaSiren and how she takes children and adults and sweeps them under the water. In some cases they don't return for hours, or even days. Read more
by Lilith Dorsey | Voodoo Universe
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