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Mix 'n Match Deities: Should you? Would you?
Should you or would you mix and match the pantheons that you work with? I have done exactly that... Read more
by Rachel Patterson | Beneath the Moon
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Devotion to a Lithuanian Goddess of the Dawn
I am a hard polytheist.  This means that I believe there are many deities.  Not that there are many aspects of one deity or that there are two deities who have many facets.  I think... Read more
by Melissa Hill | Dandelionlady
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Do We Embody Our Gods?
I see devotees almost as “masks” that our deities wear in order to interact with the human, mortal world. Read more
by Megan Manson | Pagan Tama
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The Horned God: Not As Old As You Think
History is full of horned and antlered gods, but a "Horned God?" That's a modern thing, not an ancient one. Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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Wicca, the Tree of Life and the Goddess
The Divine Feminine occupies a central role in a number of esoteric traditions – and whilst the presence of Goddess is obviously visible in traditions such as Wicca, it is often less obvious to... Read more
by Sorita d'Este | Adamantine Muse
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We know little about Cernunnos from ancient times, but it is fitting that a God of Nature must be met in Nature and not in books. This is my experience of Cernunnos. Read more
by John Beckett | John Beckett
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