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Her Love Don't Cost a Thing: Practicing Modern Hekatean Witchcraft...
Practicing Modern Hekatean Witchcraft doesn't need to cost one red cent. This article discusses using found things, made things, and low-cost items in worship and witchcraft. Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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Working Out with the Gods: Running with Artemis, Dancing with Kali
Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body weight, but it doesn’t have to feel sterile. Why not run with Artemis, lift weights with Thor, swim with Oshun, and do yoga with Shakti? Read more
by Astrea Taylor | Starlight Witch
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Lilith The Dark Goddess Of Your Dreams
Lilith reminds us what is truly and primally feminine in all forms. These are the old places where darkness lets in light, and where coal turns to diamond, through constant and sustained pressure... Read more
by Lilith Dorsey | Voodoo Universe
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Brigid and Jizo - Saint, Goddess, Kami
What do the Goddess Brigid and the Japanese Jizo have in common - and what can they teach us? Read more
by Megan Manson | Pagan Tama
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The Fires of Hestia: Celebrating the Hearth and Home
At this time of year we honor Hestia, goddess of hearth and home and central to all sacrifices to the gods, remembered both first and last in all of our offerings. But we should be honoring this oft... Read more
by Scarlet Magdalene | Tea Addicted Witch
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The Goddess Blodeuwedd
Join me as I delve into the mysteries of the goddess Blodeuwedd; intrigue, betrayal and total woman power... Read more
by Rachel Patterson | Beneath the Moon
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