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5 Witch Marks That Might Make You Magick
Anne Boleyn had them, I have them, my daughters, have them, and my mother too... there are probably more than 5 witch marks that make you magick by birth according to myth and legend, but here are... Read more
by Lilith Dorsey | Voodoo Universe
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The Search For A Moonblood / Menstruation Goddess
Since history has wiped out all but a trace of moonblood goddesses, it’s up to us to claim them back.  I scoured the internet to find the goddesses which are associated with moonblood. It took a... Read more
by Astrea Taylor | Starlight Witch
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Is the Term Black Magic Racist?
White light is good. Black magic is evil. We use these terms routinely in everyday language and in our magical work too. What do we mean by them? Read more
by Brandy Williams | Star and Snake
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Where There's A Witch, There's A Way
Are you feeling cursed? Pesky neighbors harshing your witch vibe? Maybe that cute guy won't return your texts? It might even be something more serious, like a job loss or health crisis. Whatever it... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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How to Make a Wizard's Staff
The Wizard's staff is far more than a big wand. While it might have started as a simple walking stick, it has become an emblem of the wizard in Western culture. It represents age, worldliness, and a... Read more
by Christopher Drysdale | The Other Side of the Hedge
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Where the Gods Live
Far away from temples and more famous places we found ourselves truly in a place where the gods live and dwell. Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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