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To Keep Silent
Talking about your magickal workings diffuses the power of that magick. When you first complete a spell, the power of that spell is potent, pure, and strong. Talking about that activity, sharing... Read more
by Phoenix LeFae | The Witches Next Door
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Tattoos: Your Heart, Your Protection, Your Totem
Tattoos: What do they mean to you? Is it your heart visible on your skin, protection, totem, all of those things or maybe even more? Read more
by Lisa Wagoner | Witch, Indeed
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Coincidence Magic: Influencing The Odds To Ever Be In Your Favor
Some of the best magic you can work handles influencing the odds and increasing chances of success vs brute forcing a solution. When is this type of magic most beneficial and how do you take... Read more
by Scarlet Magdalene | Tea Addicted Witch
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The Etymology of Auras
The word aura comes from the Latin word aurae which means a breeze. In Greco-Roman mythology, four gods personified the four cardinal winds. These gods were called the Anemoi. The Anemoi had... Read more
by Mat Auryn | For Puck’s Sake
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Lectio Divina and Tarot
One way to look at Lectio Divina is as a form of divination - a search for divine guidance through a particular bit of something. Hmmm… what does that remind me of? So, like I said, one day it... Read more
by Erica Baron | Nature's Sacred Journey
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The Other Witches
We are certainly in a "Witch Moment" right now, but Witchcraft is more than just a trend, it's sewn into the very fabric of the Western World. It will always be here, and it will often be here in... Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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