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The First Harvest (Lammas): Suggestions For Practices And A Simple...
Whatever you call the midway point between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox, it's a time worthy of celebration. The First Harvest represents the bounty of the land and our lives. I take this... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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The Astrological Importance of Lughnasadh
The festival of Lughnasadh, later known as Lammas, is one of the four grand sabbats of witchcraft traditions, and one of the four sacred fire festivals of the Celtic peoples also celebrated by... Read more
by Coby Michael Ward | Poisoner's Apothecary
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A Fine First Fruit
A new and improved tool to engender major cutbacks in methane emissions? That would be a fine first fruit to celebrate. Read more
by Nan Lundeen | Nature's Sacred Journey
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Lammas - Bread Magic
Lammas may reach back into Pagan European Harvest rituals and clearly the word “Lughnasadh” has been traced to much older traditions. It was during the beginning of August that the grain from the... Read more
by Phoenix LeFae | The Witches Next Door
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A Child's Lammas Ritual
Performing rituals with your children is it's own magical experience. Their sense of wonder and discovery can be infections, as well as their suspension of belief and their sense of play. The... Read more
by Laurel Reufner | Oak and Olive
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Lughnassa/Lammas: What's In a Name (or Date)?
Lammas? Lughnassa? July 31? August 1? Why the different names and dates, and in the end does it matter? Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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