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A Letter To Those Trying To Convert Me
If you go about your religion (or lack thereof) and respect everyone else’s right to do the same, this isn’t directed at you. This is for those who turn their religion into a competitive sport. You... Read more
by John Beckett | John Beckett
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Speaking Magick
Whatever we can dream together can come into reach if we speak it often enough and if it resonates with others enough to become the new story. Read more
by Erica Baron | Nature's Sacred Journey
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Herbal Magick : Licorice Root
For some licorice root is merely and ingredient in candy, but its magickal history is much more complex. Used in Hoodoo, Conjure, and traditional European magicks this root is certainly a worthy... Read more
by Lilith Dorsey | Voodoo Universe
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When Your Magic Isn't Working
What do you do when your magic isn't working? What is blocking its effectiveness? Here are some tips to assist with your magical process. Read more
by Lisa Wagoner | Witch, Indeed
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How I met Maxine Sanders, The Witch Queen
Have you ever found yourself at an event or location and just wondered how the hell you got there? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me a month ago when I found myself talking to Maxine Sanders,... Read more
by Julia Penelope | The Wandering Witch
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Shall We Go A-Haying? Remembrances of Harvest Beginnings
However, if you go farther back in history, you’ll find it was even more fraught with the potential for disaster, requiring much more labor for the harvests. Read more
by Laurel Reufner | Oak and Olive
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