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There Are No Absolutes in Witchcraft
I suppose there is one absolute in Witchcraft, and that is: there are no absolutes in Witchcraft.  Which makes perfect sense to me as a Witch. Read more
by Laura Tempest Zakroff | A Modern Traditional Witch
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The Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law: Not as Stupid as You Think
If a Wiccan can’t curse or hex, then they must be weak and their Craft must be watered down, sanitized, and powerless. But what if I told you that neither the Rede nor the Threefold Law are... Read more
by Kelden | By Athame and Stang
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Witch Wars: A Survival Guide
Witch wars are so ugly. Insults and insinuations are made, sometimes by one but often by both sides in the battle. Egos, lies, low self-esteem and, once in a while, actual wrong doing are all... Read more
by Cyndi Brannen | Keeping Her Keys
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Getting in Touch with the Egregore of your Pagan Group is a Good...
Learn how to connect and affect the spirit of your group. Pagan covens and groves are often the cornerstone of our pagan practice. They're also so much work and trouble when things go wrong with... Read more
by Melissa Hill | Dandelionlady
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Pagan Retreats: How to Prepare Yourself Magically
Each year thousands of people gather at magical retreats of every kind. Here are just a few of the tried and true preparations that I do for my favorite retreats each year. Read more
by Elizabeth Graham | Hawthorne & the Rose
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Abandon the Known, Pursue the Real
Abandoning the known and pursuing the real is frightening, risky, and, at the end of the day, the only game in town. Read more
by Christopher Drysdale | The Other Side of the Hedge
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