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Four Reasons to Keep the Ritual Simple
A ritual is like cooking: sometimes, you have the resources to make a three course meal. But it's likely that you may only have the time and ability to scramble eggs or grill a cheese sandwich. If... Read more
by Courtney Weber | Double, Toil and Resist
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The Way Ancient Pagans Made Offerings
In what way can we tell how the ancients made offerings? Simply because their offering hordes have been discovered and written about by authors through time. Read more
by Chris Godwin | From a Common Well
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Irish-American Witchcraft: The Good and the Bad of Fairy Work
Speaking for the kind of Otherworldly beings I deal with danger and blessing are two sides of one coin and the more dedicated you are to fairy work the more you are open to both. Read more
by Morgan Daimler | Agora
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Knowing Through Practice, Experience, and Results
The first time your spell brings results, you’re likely to dismiss it as a coincidence. The second time you’ll dismiss it as confirmation bias. But after the ninth or tenth or fiftieth time, the... Read more
by John Beckett | John Beckett
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Flags, Flax and Fodder - A Benediction Explored
Fýr, fleax, fódder, frið (Fire, Flax, Fodder & Frith) Since the private letters of Robert Cochrane became discretely distributed throughout the witchcraft communities, and amongst those pagans... Read more
by Ian Chambers | By The Pale Moonlight
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An Unexpected Education by Accidental Ritual
Sometimes, maybe more often than we say aloud, rituals can be accidental. They can be guided by instinct, by chance, or sheer necessity. They can sneak up on one, perhaps via cultural memory or... Read more
by K. C. Alexander | Gone Witching
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