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Omens & Oracles: Ouroboros-Mysteries of the Snake
Few animals are so steeped in mystic lore as the snake or serpent. Simultaneously feared, revered, worshipped and shunned, the snake has an archetypal power over the human psyche that bridges... Read more
by Kate Freuler | Agora
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A monster is “other” – not like us. But who decides who’s a monster and who isn’t? Whatever your feelings about monsters or your identity with them, it’s good to understand what goes into making a... Read more
by John Beckett | John Beckett
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Seeking the Liminal: It Starts as a Search for Self
There are few humans in this world untouched by the expectations of the people around them. It comes from many places: family, tradition, friends, bullies, media, social norms and, ultimately, our... Read more
by K. C. Alexander | Gone Witching
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Seekers and Guides: The Three Degrees of Wicca
What are initiation and the Three Degrees of Wicca all about? Here's my take on it. Read more
by Diane Morrison | Between the Shadows
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A Guide to Forgiveness (By a Witch Who Sucks at Forgiving):
Most other religions have philosophies on forgiveness, but Witches do not. I think this is an area where we need collective growth. Instead of constantly sending hexes back and forth or engaging in... Read more
by Courtney Weber | Double, Toil and Resist
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Identity Is Not Your Friend
Without a deeper understanding of identity, our daily conflicts are no more than a we-said they-said tribal tussle. It becomes a race to the bottom, as each side tries to outdo their sworn enemies... Read more
by Christopher Drysdale | The Other Side of the Hedge
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