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3 Cardinal Sins of Preaching and How to Avoid Them
It's not just enough to preach. You have to preach well. What defines a good and effective sermon is for many a moving target, and so this blog will hopefully spark a creative and constructive... Read more
by Josh Daffern | New Wineskins
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4 Problems for the Pastor. 1: Discouragement
The top two Christian leaders of the 20th Century I would most want to sit down with are Dietrich Bonhoeffer and John RW Stott. I met Stott once, and he gave me a big bear hug because of some... Read more
by Scot McKnight | Jesus Creed
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5 Things I Wish My Pastors Told Me
I spent roughly 25 years in the Evangelical church; 12 of them in some form of leadership. Needless to say, because of this upbringing, I knew my doctrines. And I knew them well. I knew what the... Read more
by Matthew Distefano | All Set Free
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The Surprisingly Simple Thing Guests Look For in Your Church and...
I talked to two first-time guests at church on Sunday and they both told me the same thing. It's the one thing guests look for in your church. Read more
by Josh Daffern | New Wineskins
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