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5 Things I Wish My Pastors Told Me
I spent roughly 25 years in the Evangelical church; 12 of them in some form of leadership. Needless to say, because of this upbringing, I knew my doctrines. And I knew them well. I knew what the... Read more
by Matthew Distefano | All Set Free
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5 Things You're Reading, When You're Reading The Bible
I love the Bible. It's why I spent eight years of my life in seminary, why I've served as a church pastor even when they couldn't afford to pay me, and is why even now I end up finding Greek... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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Preaching Across Divides: Purple Zone Strategies for Pulpit and Public... invited me to contribute an essay for their week of conversations around the theme "Preaching Across the Divide(s)." Read more
by Leah D. Schade | EcoPreacher
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Does Postmodern Theology Risk Becoming What It "Hates?"
I've been getting ready to head out to speak at the Subverting the Norm conference this past week or so, and in preparing, I've been talking though my presentations with my wife, Amy. Basically, the... Read more
by | Christian Piatt
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The Cost of Joy: “But We Rejoice in Our Sufferings…”
Joy is not the absence of pain; it’s the presence of meaning and intimacy . Suffering, far too many times, I think, is the result of inaction; that is, doing nothing in face of pain or unexpected... Read more
by Andy Gill | Andy Gill
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Confessions of a Doubting Christian
Some days I find it really hard to believe in God. I sit in church surrounded by the familiar, friendly faces, perusing the notice sheet as the worship band finish their sound check with a chorus of... Read more
by Emma Higgs | Emma Higgs
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