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Why Can't the Gospel Coalition Leave Jen Hatmaker Alone?
Ten years ago, in one of the earliest viral Youtube videos, comedian and vlogger Chris Crocker told the world to "leave Britney Spears alone!" I wish Chris Crocker would make another video for Jen... Read more
by Morgan Guyton | Mercy Not Sacrifice
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Friends With Benefits: Why We Need More Affection
It was a 3-hour train ride. We didn't put the armrest down between us, and for most of the ride, we casually leaned on each other. "You know," I said at some point... "I don't have many friends I... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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Mardi Gras, Sodomy, & Us: the sodomites among us - tend to be us....
I see sodomite people. Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent. A time for living with passion, vim and vigor, and for zealously sucking the... Read more
by Roger Wosley | The Holy Kiss
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Shame Disrupts Shalom: Voices that Pull Us Away from God and Others
The Bible has this grand story it tells, a grand narrative that proclaims a Creator God that loves creation. Humans, whom this God deems as bearing the image of the Divine, are the pinnacle of God's... Read more
by Kurt Willems | The Pangea Blog
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Christian Fundamentalism's Grand Illusion
I often tell my conservative friends that their belief in an inerrant Bible is just as subjective as my subjective belief in an errant Bible. But they just can’t see it. They continue to shout the... Read more
by Chuck Queen | Unfundamentalist Christians
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Built to Serve: Dodge Truck Ad is an Exercise in Misappropriation
Toyota--good game. Although, would it have killed you to have a woman rabbi or something? J.T-- Well-played with that whole Prince thing. Seriously, bravo. But it's not lost on us that Janet still... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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