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I Am the Welfare Queen Your President Condemns
HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT WELFARE QUEENS LIKE ME: Collecting food stamps, unemployment checks, and medicaid insurance isn't taking a handout. It is literally making a withdrawal from an account into... Read more
by Amy Koopman | Who We Choose To Be with Amy Courts
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Loneliness In The Age Of Facebook: We Have Hundreds Of “Friends,”...
"We have hundreds of friends, why do we feel so alone?" A while back I met with a mentor to talk about a relationship I was in at the time. I remember telling him how afraid I was. Nothing was wrong... Read more
by Andy Gill | Andy Gill
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A Better Way: Support of Haiti Orphanages Does More Harm Than Good
Guest Post: Margot DeGreef  It's a common sight: American church groups traveling in matching t-shirts, with a catchy phrase describing how they are going to help Haiti. Often their help consists of... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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Gun Rights and the Virtue of Forbearance: The Act of Refraining from...
"My message to lawmakers in Congress is: Please! Take action. Ideas are great. Ideas are wonderful, and they help you get re-elected and everything. But what's more important is actual action, and... Read more
by Tim Suttle | Paperback Theology
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Race, Shrinking Whiteness, and Four Qualities of the Moral Imagination
On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, Dr. Frank A. Thomas delivered a lecture titled, "Race, Shrinking Whiteness and Four Qualities of the Moral Imagination." His basic argument in the lecture was that we... Read more
by blog admin | Rhetoric Race and Religion
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Become an Olympian, Become an Ascetic
  “Everything depends upon God, all Christian life begins with grace, all prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, but we can learn to respond to, or cooperate with, this divine action upon us.”... Read more
by Kathleen Mulhern | Dry Bones
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