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From Billy Graham to Franklin: How We Went from One To the Other
Millions were "saved" through Graham's evangelism -- many of them more than once. But if Graham's evangelism produced converts, we have to ask what it was these folks were converted to. Read more
by Fred Clark | slacktivist
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Soul Blind--The Birth of a Song of Resistance
A couple weeks ago, I did something I almost never do--I wrote a poem. For some reason, I had a couple of phrases bouncing around in my head that would not leave me alone. They sounded more poetic... Read more
by Shane Phipps | Empathy Mining
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The Secret to Billy Graham’s Success … and Failure
As is to be expected in this vitriolic age, no one is safe. Not even the saints. Especially when they’ve passed. Billy Graham has gone on to his rewards, and here on earth we’ve begun the... Read more
by Kathleen Mulhern | Dry Bones
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Did Paul Preach A Different Gospel Than Jesus Did?
  Honestly, I can't believe I need to write an entire blog post to explain this one, but apparently, there are Christians who really do believe that Jesus taught one Gospel and that Paul taught... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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No Jesus didn't endorse swords.
Ever since the tragic mass shooting at the high school in Florida last week, I've been engaged in daily advocacy for the U.S. to finally and firmly establish sensible gun laws to help reduce the... Read more
by Roger Wosley | The Holy Kiss
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Invading the Impossible
A few months ago, the gospel reading from Luke prompted our rector and my friend Mitch to suggest that Jesus is not someone you would ever want to invite to dinner. Why? Because Jesus’ behavior and... Read more
by Vance Morgan | Freelance Christianity
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