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Holy Scriptures and Faith-Based Violence: A Quiz
I’ve noticed an odd phenomenon among some Christians when it comes to violence and the Scriptures. On the one hand, they will vehemently denounce both the violence that some Muslims do in the name... Read more
by Matthew Distefano | All Set Free
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Contradictory Christianity
I typically have two types of arguments online with other Christians: One is about whether or not Islam is a peaceful religion and the other is about how Jesus was absolutely not a pacifist Messiah.... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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When We Make Guns the King: A Warning about Arming Teachers
Those calling for the arming of teachers – or any action that will put more guns into the equation – are like the people in 1 Samuel crying out for something, anything, that they think will save... Read more
by Leah D. Schade | EcoPreacher
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In Which I'm Losing Ma...Again.
It's official. My sisters & I are taking over the guardianship + conservatorship for my Ma. We tried to work with her regarding her finances but she's less than agreeable. My sister went down to... Read more
by Grace Sandra | Everyday Black Matters
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Parenting with Hope, not Punishment
Do you know anyone with a background in Christian fundamentalism? If you do, then you know that a good portion of that world view is oriented around fear. Fear of hell, fear of punishment in the... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Unfundamentalist Parenting
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The Real Story Behind Genesis
The first chapters of Genesis were not written to communicate history or science. Creation stories had an entirely different purpose in the Ancient Near East. Read more
by Guest Contributor | Unfundamentalist Christians
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