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Lent, It Ain't for the Oppressed (Here's Why)...
Lent is Not for the Oppressed...  In order for any of this to make sense, you must understand that the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ was political. Christ posed a threat to the empire and so they... Read more
by Andy Gill | Andy Gill
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Why Do Christians Love the Idea of Hell? Part Two, The UMC
But too many of us are ready to cast those who think differently into hell. I sometimes wonder if this is the unpardonable sin: the taking upon ourselves the right to judge others for all eternity... Read more
by Christy Thomas | The Thoughtful Pastor
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To My Son on the Morning of His First Protest
You shocked me last night when you asked for bus fare to march on the Capitol building to show solidarity against gun violence. Two bills are going before the Minnesota legislature on topics of... Read more
by Osheta Moore | Shalom in the City
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We Still Need the Delight of God
In today’s America, we see the face of politicians more than anyone else, because we are in constant conversation about the state of things, and because our President can't seem to keep from... Read more
by Kaitlin B. Curtice | Stories - with Kaitlin B. Curtice
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Being A Good Friend Reminder: Suicide Rates Go Up In Spring
So, there's this myth about suicide-- and the myth is that depressed or grieving people who contemplate suicide are most at risk around the holidays. Turns out, that's not accurate-- the annual... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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The Political Punch Behind Christianity’s Favorite Prayer
I love the Lord’s Prayer. The translation of it now universally recited in the English-speaking world holds a poetic, lilting quality that makes its recitation a cathartic ritual even if one holds... Read more
by Don M Burrows | Unfundamentalist Christians
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