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Addictions and What Jesus Teaches Us About Casting Out Demons
The stories of Jesus confronting demons in the Gospel of Mark have something to teach us about how we might re-frame the opioid crisis, as well as addictions more broadly. Read more
by Leah D. Schade | EcoPreacher
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Why Do Christians Tell Crappy Stories?
This morning I followed my usual writing routine.  I woke up, made coffee, turned on the Spotify station I listen to when I write, and started typing. And then, somehow, a Christian song got into... Read more
by Sarah Thebarge | Sarah Thebarge
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Why Do We Have Such a Disdain For Poor People?
One of the last campaigns that Martin Luther King worked on was the Poor People's Campaign. In announcing the campaign, King said that his SCLC would lead "waves of the nation's poor and... Read more
by Andre E. Johnson | Rhetoric Race and Religion
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Guns, Racism, and Mimetic Theory: Disarming Fear With Love
  Recent developments in the gun control debate make me cautiously hopeful that our nation may be on its way toward curbing and maybe even transforming our violence. But that means there is a... Read more
by Lindsey Paris-Lopez | Teaching Nonviolent Atonement
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If Jesus Had To Die Before We Could Be Forgiven, I Have A Few More...
Today we wrap up the deconstruction portion of my atonement series (you can find the rest, here) which thus far has looked at problems I see with the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement. In... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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How (and why) Adam and Eve evolved
What really happened at the dawn of human existence? Were Adam and Eve real people? Was there really a Garden of Eden? Did sin really enter the world through a piece of fruit? Do Christians really... Read more
by Dan Wilkinson | Unfundamentalist Christians
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