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White Privilege and the Gospels
In my General Ethics class, my students and I have just finished a three week unit on race issues. Although the college I teach at has made great strides toward diversifying the student body and... Read more
by Vance Morgan | Freelance Christianity
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What is the Bible? (The Hebrew Bible)
This sermon was originally preached at Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diego, CA.  Today, we’re going to specifically look at the Hebrew Bible or Jewish Scriptures, commonly called by... Read more
by Brandan Robertson | Nomad
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A Hermeneutic of Suspicion: What It Is and, Why You Should Be Suspicious...
"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words. George Orwell made this... Read more
by Andy Gill | Andy Gill
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Paul Ryan Surprised to Find Christianity is Political
Jesus didn’t say to the lame, “Rise up and go get a job!” or to the poor, “If you only worked harder you could care for your family!” Read more
by Rebecca Todd Peters | To Do Justice
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James, Brother of Jesus, Bother of Mythicists
It’s time to return once again to the subject of Jesus mythicism, the stance that denies the overwhelming consensus of professional historians and scholars that there most likely was indeed a... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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Wide and Long and High and Deep
This week I had the opportunity to stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and stare into the abyss that’s 1 mile deep, 18 miles wide (at its widest point), and 277 miles long.  It’s the most vastness... Read more
by Sarah Thebarge | Sarah Thebarge
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