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The Danger of Evangelicals - It's Not About Hillary Anymore
I see very little of compassion in our President and less of it in my sister and brother evangelicals who claim to share a faith tradition with me. Read more
by Rebecca Todd Peters | To Do Justice
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No, The Bible Does Not Condemn Domestic Violence
For those of you who have been following the drama around fundamentalist seminary president Paige Patterson's counsel to women to stay in abusive marriages rather than divorce, I'm about to say... Read more
by Morgan Guyton | Mercy Not Sacrifice
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5 Reasons Why I'm A Christian Who Stopped Supporting Israel
Growing up conservative Evangelical, we loved Israel as much as we loved America-- probably even more. And why not, right? We truly believed that among the world's nations, God actually has a... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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Your Bible Is Missing A Few Verses
4,000,000+ people on YouTube... and countless others across the world are reciting a verse in Church that no longer exists in their Bibles. And most likely, almost none of them are aware of it. Once... Read more
by Matthew J. Korpman | Biblically Literate: Exploring a Radical Faith with Matthew J. Korpman
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It's Not Turn or Burn, and It Never Was
I've always been repelled by the Turn and Burn crowd. I think, for me, the message is too negative, and does not share the love Jesus was speaking about. Now, those who desire to spread the Turn and... Read more
by John O'Keefe | The Naked Jesus
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Heaven: Would the Religious Right Even Want to Go There?
One of the most beautiful concepts I learned as a child growing up in church was about this place called Heaven. I learned I could go there someday and live there for eternity. I was given very... Read more
by Kimberly Stover | Kimberly Stover
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