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5 Things The Church Can Learn From Anthony Bourdain
He's abrasive, crass, and never hesitates to speak his mind. Look, I get it. You might not like him. In fact, you might loathe him. But me? Other than my wife and daughter, there's nobody I would... Read more
by Zack Hunt | The Semi-Official Blog of Zack Hunt
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White on White: The Podcast that Imagines a World Without Racism
I'm not going to claim that I'm the best qualified person to lead this discussion, nor am I the smartest person in this area (or any area, for that matter). I'm not going to claim that I'm solving... Read more
by Kerry Connelly | Jerseygirl, JESUS
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Apologizing for God
When you find yourself apologizing for God's demands, it is a good indicator that you ought to seriously examine your religious assumptions. On the latest episode of The Handmaid's Tale (as well as... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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What Do You Do When No One Is Watching?
Hey Justin! What if you had a ring that made you invisible when you put it on? Would you use the ring to take the books you’ve been wanting from the kid’s section at the bookstore the next time we... Read more
by Vance Morgan | Freelance Christianity
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Suicide and Society
Suicide has many causes. But we also make it intrinsically more likely by insisting that we have the right to end our lives, as so many do now under the rubric of "assisted dying." Once we arrogate... Read more
by | What God Wants for Your Life
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The Fragment Formerly Known as "First Century Mark"
I have not been directly involved with the fragment that had been touted some years ago (and since) as part of the Gospel of Mark that purportedly dated from the first century. Its publication has... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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