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Called to Serve the Poor People's Campaign
Guest post by the Rev. Megan Severns Huston The first time I met the Rev. Dr. William Barber, he was a guest at a clergy retreat I was attending. During our time with him, someone from my group... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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No Jeff Sessions, The Bible Doesn't Give You Permission To Rip Children...
(Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr Creative Commons) This is just abhorrent.   Honestly, it’s hard to think of anything more perverse, more blasphemous, more of a bastardization of scripture, more... Read more
by Zack Hunt | The Semi-Official Blog of Zack Hunt
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Welcome To Post Christian America
Image:HeavenlyPerspective Kenn Stilger A new study from the Pew Research Center has found the population of Christians in the United States is on a downward spiral. Polling 35,000... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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Holy Scriptures and Faith-Based Violence: A Quiz
I’ve noticed an odd phenomenon among some Christians when it comes to violence and the Scriptures. On the one hand, they will vehemently denounce both the violence that some Muslims do in the name... Read more
by Matthew Distefano | All Set Free
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What The Church Needs To Know About Mental Health
Mental health is a real thing. It's not something lazy people have made up so they don't have to go to work or get out of bed. Neither is it something that "crazy" people have, that "normal" people... Read more
by Emma Higgs | Emma Higgs
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Lessons Learned From a Blackberry Bush
A few years ago, Jeanne returned from a weekend with a friend in Vermont with a little plant in a box—a Vermont blackberry bush. It has been trying to take over our back yard ever since. It has also... Read more
by Vance Morgan | Freelance Christianity
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