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Internalized Misogyny: When Women Are the Part of the Patriarchy...
Last week, I got to discuss my book with Adam Ericksen of The Raven Foundation. We talked, among other things, about racism, internalized misogyny, and the importance of "calling in vs. calling... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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Jesus Mythicism: Two Truths and a Lie
I'm not sure that I've ever actually played the game "two truths and a lie." I think I have. Then again, maybe I know I have and am lying. Either way, I found myself thinking about the game for some... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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The Elephant In The Church
  For many Christians, the idea of separating their faith and their politics is absurd. They see nothing wrong with having an American flag in the sanctuary. They have no problem pledging... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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Feel Awful? How to Identify Trump's Politics of Abuse and Subvert...
The United States doesn’t have a president any more, we have an “Abuser-in-Chief.” The policies and practices of this administration are modeled on domestic violence. We can effectively subvert this... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Religion Now
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A MORAL EMERGENCY: Dispatches from my trip to the Border
Tears of joy mixed with sadness rolled down my sweaty face last week as I watched a stream of 100 immigrant parents and children approach Sister Norma Pimentel’s humanitarian respite center to the... Read more
by Jennifer Butler | Faith in Public Life: Rev. Jen Butler
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Newberg on the Neuroscience of Spirituality
Andrew Newberg, Eugene D'Aquili, and Vince Rause's book Why God Won't Go Away is outstanding. Their research on the neuroscience of spirituality is fascinating. As the title of the book suggests,... Read more
by Andrew Murtagh | Soapbox Redemption
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