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We Had to Burn the Village Down in Order to Save It
This sentiment, whether the exact words or not, was reportedly conveyed to journalist Peter Arnett by an Army officer after the now infamous bombing of a city during the Vietnam War.  They decided... Read more
by Darrell Lackey | Divergence
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3 Scriptures That Just Keep Blowing My Mind
Over the last few months, I've run across 3 scripture verses that are seriously melting my brain. (In a very good way.) The first one is this: “15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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Conscience and the Bible
Yesterday I shared some things that came up in my Sunday school class, and since there has been a lot more written on this topic on blogs that I read, I want to share links to and excerpts from... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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Not Just Papa John: There Are All Kinds of Racists
A friend of mine witnessed an incident the other day. Some folks had car trouble and were stranded at a gas station. A man saw that they needed help, proceeded to go and fix their car for them, and... Read more
by Erin Wathen | Irreverin
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Arrest ICE
A proclamation from 1886. The adjective we use for this now -- for jurisdictions committed to actually upholding the lawful rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment -- is "sanctuary."  Read more
by Fred Clark | slacktivist
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The Bible is What We Make It
In my Sunday school class this past Sunday, we moved into chapter 9 of the Gospel of John. Since there is a focus on healing on a Sabbath, we turned our attention once again to the theme of... Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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