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Recalling the Discovery of the Buddhist "Dead Sea Scrolls"
    It was on this day in 1900 that the Daoist monk Wang Yuanlu, while trying to salvage ancient religious artwork in one of the ruined Caves of the Thousand Buddhas near Dunhuang,... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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The Buddhist Peace Fellowship Turns 40
Below is a mini-interview with Katie Loncke of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship who I had the honor of interviewing for BuddhistDoor Global. Have a look at the full interview, Tough Choices, Deep Joys:... Read more
by Justin Whitaker | American Buddhist Perspectives
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Those Who Listen to Our Advice
"We all have a tendency to like those who listen to our advice and to dislike those who ignore it. We should guard ourselves against this tendency. If we allow our emotions to influence us, we’re... Read more
by Daniel Scharpenburg | Bodhisattva Road
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Key Terms of Soto Zen Teaching
  While Soto Zen Buddhism in North America is following its own currents, there remains a profound connection between these various contemporary experiments and establishments in North America... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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The Secrets of Interdependence: Or, Confessing a Universalist Zen...
      I woke up this morning thinking that the best way to describe my faith stance in this world is as a Zen Buddhist Universalist. I could, with some prodding, even go as simply as... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Ethics of Shame (and Shamelessness): Buddhist and Western
My friend Carissa Véliz from the University of Oxford has a great review up today on the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews site (a wonderful resource for philosophers, East, West and otherwise). It... Read more
by Justin Whitaker | American Buddhist Perspectives
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Buddhist Prayer of the Day

Zen Vows

Though the many beings are numberless, I vow to save them. Though greed, hatred, and ignorance rise endlessly, I vow to cut them off. Though the Dharma is vast and fathomless, I vow to understand it. Though Buddha's...

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