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Monthly Astrological Forecast: General

November 2013 Overview

November 2013 General Forecasts (Overview)
Open Yourself to Change
by Jeff Jawer

The rumblings of change grow stronger this month as revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto form the fourth of seven world-shaking squares on November 1. It's a reminder that standing still is not the best option for individuals and institutions. Yet it's smart not to make a radical move without carefully considering the consequences.

The Sun's presence in Scorpio until November 21 should be helpful, because this transit brings us deeper within ourselves where we recognize unmet desires and untapped resources that motivate action. Responsible Saturn is also in Scorpio, signaling the importance of giving up some uninspiring comfort to aim for more fulfilling life experiences.

Questioning your values and expectations is not meant to undermine self-confidence, but to ensure a profound recognition of needs so that you will do what's necessary to satisfy them. If you have any doubts about where to invest your energy, you may get an answer on November 1 as retrograde Mercury, the communication planet, joins the Sun. This is a time of reassessment of your purpose and goals, showing you where to make adjustments if recent plans have gone awry.

November 3 could be the most important day of the month. It's a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that can inspire focus and efficiency. The first step is to let go of ideas and attitudes that are stuck in the past. An eclipse in intense Scorpio suggests that it's better to risk burning a few bridges than to remain so anchored to people and projects that you cannot move.

There are some very productive influences at this time that are bound to reward individuals who narrow their focus and maintain disciple and persistence in pursuit of their goals. Reinforcements come when pleasure-loving Venus enters responsible Capricorn on November 5 and the Sun joins serious Saturn on November 6. These could be interpreted as stern, sad or restraining, yet both indicate that earning respect and eschewing immediate rewards for bigger long-term gains are recommended.

Amorous Venus in dutiful Capricorn is also about working harder in relationships by raising goals and standards to a higher level. However, we still may be muddling through unclear communications and minor snafus until Mercury turns direct on November 10. This forward turn occurs with the messenger planet forming favorable trines with imaginative and compassionate Neptune, which is excellent for delicate conversations, creativity and forgiveness.

Hopes and dreams continue to expand even while the Sun is still in somewhat skeptical Scorpio. A solar trine to optimistic Jupiter on November 12 broadens vision and inspires faith in the future. Spiritual Neptune's forward shift on November 13 supports a more uplifting and creative view of the future. Relationships could be a little rocky on November 14-15, though, when Venus slams into tense aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto. Flexibility is needed to adapt to changes of moods and interests to maintain reason and calm under dramatic circumstances.

Fortunately, the earthy Taurus Full Moon on November 17 aims to calm emotions and put feet back on solid ground. Ideally, this is a chance to find a new balance between pleasure and practicality.

The Sun's move into fiery Sagittarius on November 21 spurs an interest in adventure that encourages us to take risks. Pushing past old personal and professional limits that were constrained by doubts and fears opens hearts and minds to wider horizons. Enthusiastic Sagittarius paints pictures of a more exciting future that is energized by enthusiasm and hope. The need to throw off the shackles of boring routines and low expectations could spark some risky behavior, but it's better to take some chances than to stand still. Even if we fall short of our expectations, we're stretching muscles of personal growth that are bound to enrich our lives.

While the Sun's square to nebulous Neptune on November 24 may temporarily cloud good judgment, discerning Mercury's conjunction with responsible Saturn restores reason and intellectual order the following day. —

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