“Do Some Pruning” Or… BURN! (January 25 – Living Without Jesus, Daily)

“Do Some Pruning” Or… BURN! (January 25 – Living Without Jesus, Daily) January 25, 2017

January 25: “Share Your Struggles”
(Through False Humility)

Part 25/365: An atheist reviews a Christian devotional.
(If you are new to this page, here’s a little background.)

Dear Karen,
Jan25It’s a miracle! After so many scriptures from the Apostle Paul, Psalms, James, and the fortune cookies of Proverbs, the author finally decided to bless readers with a few words from Jesus himself! Let’s see what the meek and mild Prince of Peace has to say…

Verse Of The Day: Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you will remain in me, you will produce much fruit. Without me you can do nothing on your own.”John 15:5

Jesus, Jesus – that certainly escalated quickly! I can’t believe Aaron Tabor actually chose this passage as one of inspiration. However, not surprisingly, the author, like most pastors, chose to conveniently exclude the very next verse that gets worse. Much worse.

Next Verse: “Without me, you are useless – to be thrown away, dried up, gathered into a pile and burned like any other trash!” – Jesus, John 15:6

That’s right, folks – it’s not bad enough that you just can’t do anything on your own, it’s also that you are nothing on your own! How much self-loathing must one possess in order to accept such a fate? How evil must a person be to teach such harmful filth to an innocent child? Or, thanks to the convenient cherrypicking done by pastors, are most Christians completely unaware that these types of teaching exist in the Gospels? This is really the “love of Christ?”

(Side Note: We featured an illustration and commentary of this disgusting passage in our second book.)

Today’s Theistic Themes:  Today’s devotional is directly in-line with what you’d expect to find in the training manual of any blood cult. The only thing keeping you from a happy life are all of the un-godly things in your life and, “being consumed by everyone else’s demands.” If you want to grow closer to God, “we need to get rid of the possessions, relationships, and responsibilities that aren’t working, especially the ones that pull us away from God.” Think about that for a moment. This is exactly the sort of behavior required by any dangerous cult – backed up 100% by the words of Jesus, himself – reject outsiders! (And, if you think this is the only problematic teaching from Mr. Meek & Mild – you are in for some big surprises as we dig deeper into this devotional.)

Don’t believe me? Today’s Daily Interaction section specifically instructs readers to go through their personal email in order to, “delete any spiritual spam that is no longer relevant to who you are in Christ.” There it is, folks – if you don’t hold the same beliefs as your Christian friends, you are nothing but “spiritual spam” who, according to Jesus, are, “useless – to be thrown away, dried up, gathered into a pile and burned like any other trash!”

Short Secular Alternative: Well, excuse me, but – bullshit! If anyone ever tries to make you believe that, “you are useless – to be thrown away, dried up, gathered into a pile and burned like any other trash,” just tell them to go fuck themselves and get on with your life! This is especially true if someone tries to do so in the name of, or especially claiming to be the son of… God! On the other hand, the moral thing to do would be to hold an intervention and attempt to deprogram them from the cult of Christianity that indoctrinated them into a state of dangerous self-loathing in the first place. Thus, the reason for this blog, I guess.

Bleck… gross! See you tomorrow?
– Horus Gilgamesh

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