Books every Christian should read : Recovering biblical manhood and womanhood

Books every Christian should read : Recovering biblical manhood and womanhood May 24, 2005

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism (Edited By John Piper and Wayne Grudem) is essential reading to help you form your own position in what may be one of the most important debates in the church at the current time- how to respond to feminism.

What I like about the book is it doesnt simply assume that a 1950s view is correct. Instead, examining from all kinds of angles the book attempts to do what it says on the tin. Preaching a view that says women and men are complementary to each other the book is the best yet to aim to construct a biblical view of this thorny issue.

You may not agree with everything you read here, but you must hear these arguments and respond to them if you aim to be true to the bible in your view of the role of men and women. Honest christians may well disagree on this subject, but the rabid femminism described so ably in “The feminist Mistake” will take no prisoners and we must construct a robust philosophy on this issue that will stand.

I would like to have seen more in this book on the workplace, where my instinct is to welcome with broad arms the greater participation and equality of women that we have seen. But then, very few Christian books these days address workplace issues- presummably as so many of them are written by people without a “secular” job.

Amazingly the book is available free online in PDF form, but you may want to still buy yourself a book to thumb through!

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