Inspired by female bloggers!

Inspired by female bloggers! August 7, 2005

Pigwotflies has inspired me to post on my husband’s blog! Adrian and I also recently met Mrs Blogotional and her husband in London and I was very impressed that Mrs Blogotional showed such a keen interest in the blogging scene! I felt spurred on to get more ‘in the know’ about Adrian’s antics in the blogosphere and get to know the lingo etc. I also thought I would like to post occasionally if I can think of something interesting to say. Mrs Blogotional posts some fantastic artwork with scripture verses every Thursday, which I have been looking at. They are really inspiring. As for me, I have been busy clearing out the loft and packing up the house. We are hopefully moving house in 5 or 6 weeks time. Buying houses in UK is so complicated, anything could go wrong up until the last minute. Thankfully, we know it is all in God’s hands and He knows best, even though we still have no guarantee that it will all work out as we hope. Our four children have been very good about letting mum pack and they realise that when we go on holiday in two weeks time they will have a lot more fun then. The goal is to have the whole house packed before we go on hols for two weeks so that when we return home we will be ready to move. I ‘think’ I will manage it. I have had very kind offers of help, plus I have packed all my craft stuff away so I won’t be distracted! I discovered that Mrs Blogotional loves crafts too so that was really exciting. I don’t know how I will manage for 6 weeks without doing crafts. On our last holiday in Devon I got so desperate I bought some beads etc and made jewellery while sitting on the beach!


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