A new "Warnie" award winner is revealed……..

A new "Warnie" award winner is revealed…….. September 27, 2005

For those of you who are new to the concept of the “Warnie” awards, these are a fun way that every now and then I acknowledge a blogger who is in my view outstanding. The rough criteria I use is that a blog must be-

1. A blog which I like and read regularly
2. Relatively unknown at the moment, but in my view deserving of much greater attention
3. Not too embarrassed when I approach them to offer an award!

In fact, the “Warnie” seems to have become something of a collectors item lately and most people seem remarkably pleased to receive them!

The format usually is that I introduce a blog, and then they tend to issue a so-called “acceptance speech” often on their blog. Warnie award winners are then added to the Warnie aggregator and there is a growing sense of community between the previous winners. Its all light-hearted and was in fact inspired by the “Jollies” which David Wayne used to award.

So without further ado I bring you tonight’s warnie award. In just a few moments I will be revealing tonights winner, but first let me tell you a bit about the blog involved.

This blog is unusual in my reading material as it is written by a woman, or rather a group of women. The blog is certainly one that every husband wants their wives to read. But more than that it is a great read even for the guys. The blog has something for everyone- from sumptuous recipe’s to parenting tips to quotes from the writings of the man they call “Dad”.

This blog is fun, entertaining, personable and exactly what blogging needs to be. A while back it seemed to me that the majority of Christian blogs I came across focused almost entirely on politics. Many of the warnie winners are theological bloggers and there has been a real ballooning of the theoblog. But for Christian blogging to satisfy the needs of Christians for reading matter in their lunchbreak or when there’s nothing decent on TV we need more blogs like the blog I am introducing which talk about real life out there.

My pastor’s sermon last Sunday made the point that we all need to know not just our theology but how to live our lives. Today’s winning blog helps us to live our lives in so many ways as well as providing a great snapshot into the family life of one of the modern heroes of our faith.

This blog helps us to feel we are getting to know a family whom God has granted such grace to that inviting them into our homes via the computer screen can only do us good. Read and be inspired. Read and be grateful to God. Read and feel that living a life to the glory of God in every aspect really is possible.

So, without further ado, let me unveil the winner of today’s “Warnie Award”………

Girl Talk

Girl talk is run by the women of C.J. Mahaney’s family. Go visit, congratulate them on their award, and link to a blog which I predict will become very widely read indeed.

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