Josh Harris is jealous of Tim Challies

Josh Harris is jealous of Tim Challies December 4, 2005

Josh Harris has a list of links to blogs on his main website. I was greatly honoured to find myself included in such a list and loved the comment about Tim Challies, which I suspect is a reference to Tim’s post on being jealous of Josh for being discipled by CJ. Anyway Josh has chosen some great blogs- anyone want to nominate any of these for the last warnie of the year?

  • Between Two Worlds: a blog by Justin Taylor that I find consistently useful, provoking and informative.
  • Rebelution: my 16-year-old brothers, Alex & Brett Harris, are out to change the world. I have no doubt they will.
  • Girl Talk: a great blog by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters on biblical womanhood
  • this insightful writer and web designer has a killer blog. I’m jealous of Tim Challies.
  • Adrian Warnock: a reformed-charismatic brother from the otha side of the pond.
  • Al Mohler: a devoted Christian, brilliant man and biblical thinker comments on current events.
  • Solo Femininity: a blog by Carolyn McCulley the author of “Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?”
  • Diet of Book Worms: blogger reviews of various books. A great resource.

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