Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?�

Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?� February 24, 2006

Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?� is a fascinating article by Albert Mohler on a recent attack in the US popular culture on “choice femminism”. It is amazing how far our culture seems to swing. In a generation or so we have gone from the notion that a woman NOT to stay at home with here kids is a shameful thing to the very opposite – ie that a woman who DOES stay at home with her kids is shameful.

Isnt it strange how quickly on certain issues our society’s so-called “tolerance” evaporates. In the 21st century it seems that there are certain choices that we are not supposed to make. The most interesting thing about this article is that it seems at least in the US that despite the impression given in the media many many women are silently making the choice to stay home as a mum. I suspect the same is very true over here – certainly on the rare times I go and take or collect up my kids from school the playground doesnt have many other Dads in it…..

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