Marriage and Divorce Myths MCQ

Marriage and Divorce Myths MCQ February 25, 2006

How much do you know about the state of America’s marriages – test yourself on this quiz – then check the answers HERE (HT Minor Prophet). How did you do?
1. True or False: Young women today are more eager to marry than young men.
2. True or False: College students today are more likely to approve of casual, uncommitted sex 3. True or False: Marriages are much more likely to end in divorce today than they were 20 years ago.

4. True or False: Divorce rates are much higher today than 40 years ago.
5. True or False. Cohabitation has skyrocketed to historically unprecedented levels in the U.S..
6. True or False: The vast majority of today’s mothers don’t want a full-time career.
7. True or False: The proportion of babies born outside of marriage has doubled since 1960.
8. True or False: Men and women are just about equally likely to say they are happily married.
9. True or False: “Philosophers and theologians have always believed that strong marital commitments form the foundation of a virtuous society
10. True or False: Divorce impoverishes women and children.
11. True or False: Divorce hurts kids.
12. True or False: “The preferred form of marriage through the ages has been between one man and one woman”
13. True or False: Religion has no effect on divorce rates.

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