Links for May 31, 2006

Links for May 31, 2006 May 31, 2006

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Mathew Sims Gets to Part 5
. . . and I’ve only posted one . . . still this T4G statement is sure making for some interesting blogging!

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Is Complementarianism Simply Analogous to Racism?
Dave Warnock doesn’t waste another opportunity to tell us that it is – I find the connection he makes to be most bizarre, don’t you?
The Life and Death of the Missional Leader
The audio from session one of Mark Driscoll’s recent Resurgence Conference is now available.

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“Rather than being treated as a metaphor, the model of penal substitution has been given an objective reality which does not belong to it.”
Herein lies the rub in the atonement debate. Do we hold (as I do) that there IS an objective reality to punishment and wrath and substitution, or do we think it’s JUST a metaphor?

“… the phrase verbally inspired, inerrant, infallible is problematical …”
Dave Warnock pits the T4G guys against the Evangelical Alliance and other statements of faith in his latest post – this time on Article I.

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