CD – Valley of Vision and Preaching to Yourself

CD – Valley of Vision and Preaching to Yourself August 31, 2006
Hi! This is the other half of Adrian (otherwise known as his wife, Andree).

Adrian has spent years trying to encourage me to make contributions to his blog, and I have spent years feeling too busy to be able to do any blogging! But a recent turn of events has meant that I finally have time to put down my thoughts and musings!!

Adrian, together with our pastor, Tope, recently had the privilege of visiting Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg. They said that they had a great time and were so touched by the friendship and kindness extended to them. But little did the people in Washington know that I, too, have been blessed by their kindness.

While there, Adrian was given a fantastic CD – Valley of Vision. As I was just listening to it, I was going through the lyrics that came with the CD. Music is such a powerful way of conveying God’s truth. No wonder the angels are constantly singing in heaven!

Earlier today, I read a quote in C.J. Mahaney’s book on humility, and it came to mind as I listened to these songs. Martyn Lloyd-Jones asked:

“Have you realised that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself?”

I realised that there is a sharp contrast between the words of these songs (inspired by the classic book of Puritan prayers) and those of many songs written today. Many songs – especially contemporary pop songs – consist of the writer listening to his or her own thoughts. The lyrics on this album are totally ‘talking to yourself’ (or preaching to yourself!)

Here are some favourite quotes from the lyrics of three different songs:

You were broken that I might be healed
You were cast off that I might draw near
You were thirsty that I might come drink
Cried out in anguish that I might sing.

In You alone my strength is found
In You alone my hope abounds
In You alone my strength is found
My life is bound up in You.

Oh, the precious blood
That flowed from Mercy’s side
Washed away my sin
When Christ my saviour died
Oh, the precious blood
Of Christ the crucified,
It speaks for me before Your throne
Where I stand justified.

I highly recommend this album. It is not sentimental, it is totally God-centred, and is focused on the very heart of Christianity. It is filled with the glory of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, and our dependence on Him. Inspired music to me seems to have a way of softening the heart and enabling it to more readily receive the truth of what is heard and sung. May there be more songs written like these!

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