AUDIO – Sermons by C. J. Mahaney

AUDIO – Sermons by C. J. Mahaney September 13, 2006
C.J. Mahaney is well-known as the acceptable face of charismaticism. Until recently, C.J. was pastor of Covenant Life Church. After handing over this responsiblity to Josh Harris, some were led to ask the question I tried to answer in a previous post, “What is C.J. Mahaney?” If you’ve heard about Together For The Gospel, but have not heard this man preach, here is your chance. I have interviewed C.J.Mahaney previously, and recommend two of his books — Humility and Living The Cross-Centered Life — as books that, in my opinion, every Christian should read.

This collection of sermons and other audio by C.J. Mahaney is posted here with thanks to Paul Schafer. If you are aware of any other sermons by C.J., I would encourage you to add comments which link to them in the comments section. Links can be added in the comments section by adding the following code:

<a href=”>title of sermon</a>

You may need to right click on these links and save them to your hard drive to be able to listen to them. Many audio programmes will allow you to burn them onto a CD.

There are also a number of talks by C.J. that are available to purchase through Sovereign Grace Ministries.

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