Vaughan Roberts on Sex from 1 Corinthians 7

Vaughan Roberts on Sex from 1 Corinthians 7 April 3, 2009

Well, after sharing here my pastor Tope Koleoso’s talk on sex just recently, regular readers of my blog will think I am obsessed with this subject. Then again, I am a man!

Vaughan began by saying that the first command in the Bible to Adam and Eve, loosely translated, was “Go and have sex.”

He began by explaining Paul begins by quoting them and countering their opinion with his own. The Bible honors both singleness and marriage, and is not anti-sex.

V2-9 Paul seems to be implying that everyone single should marry. But later in the chapter he does say some people shouldn’t get married. The “having” is a continuous word. The word is never used about getting a wife, but is often used of having sex. So it seems that this is more likely to refer to the need for married people to keep having sex in marriage. This obviously fits the context of fulfilling our marriage duties to each other. Many factors threaten our sex lives. Tiredness, worries, business, relationship problems. Talk about it with your spouse. Married people should not live as though unmarried.

Single people the gift of singleness is a good thing, but if you are burning with passion then get married! Bible is very positive about marriage.

V10-16 One cynic said marriage is rather like a besieged city, half the people are trying to get in, and the other half are trying to get out! Right principle is stay as you are. If married stay married. If single be content to remain single, but its ok to marry. He quoted a statistic that in 1901 there were less than 300 divorces in the whole of UK. Now it is very common indeed. What God has joined together let no one separate.

Paul does acknowledge that divorce does happen. There are circumstances when it is the least bad option. For example, physical abuse by spouse. V11 “If she does” she must remain unmarried or be reconciled. Jesus opposed divorce and remarriage. There are some exceptions. Many Christians believe that when there is sexual unfaithfulness someone is free to remarry because of the exception in Matthew. If you are married stay married. Seek help if needed. If you or your ex-spouse are not remarried seek a reconciliation. If you are already remarried, then repentance means to be committed to making that marriage work not dissolving that marriage. Don’t abandon the marriage. In a mixed marriage when you are married to a non-Christian, which presumably arose when one spouse became a Christian since we are meant to marry other believers. The Apostle says we should not seek divorce if married to an unbeliever, since your children are not ritually unclean. Don’t leave, but pray they will be converted.

V17-24 Each man should remain in the situation God called him to. Accept your circumstances. Life is not an endless quest to better your circumstances. Christian’s energy is not to be poured into changing hteir situation but rather to be Godly in that situation. Make the most of what you have.

V25-40 The Christian and singleness. To the unmarried he says, 1. Keep eternity in mind, marriage is temporary. We live today in the light of that day. If we don’t ever marry that will not eternally matter. We will be with the Lord eternally. Marriage is trouble! Marriage takes time. Before you are married you have more time to serve God. What we do for God will last for eternity.

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