Matt Chandler On The Role Of Men

Matt Chandler On The Role Of Men December 19, 2009

I recently listened to these three talks from Chandler about how us men should be. As Matt puts it himself, in these talks he is “going after” us. If you are a woman, suggest your husband listens to these but don’t nag him about it.  If you are a man, stop what you are doing and prepare to be as challenged as I was. May God help us all to live in the good of this message and make us better husbands and fathers:

Here is a sample of the treasures you have waiting for you:

My four year old, Audrey, is just my joy. I love having a son, but that daughter owns you. It’s a weird deal. For whatever reason, over and over again, Audrey thinks I am an enemy to her joy, when in the end, I want her joy and happiness more than she could ever comprehend, and I see better than she does. And when I say, “Hey, no candy right now,” I’m not trying to steal joy from her, I’m trying to increase joy for her. And when I say, “Don’t climb on the back of the couch when there’s a window right there. You could fall through it,” I’m not trying to rob her of the exhilaration of walking on the back of the couch, I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t cut herself to ribbons.

And so what ends up happening in that moment, when I’m trying to increase joy and increase life and increase happiness and my daughter goes, “I don’t want any of that. I’ll get it my own way. I’ll do it my own way. I want what I want,” and she wars against the joy that I so desperately want for her, in one instance, I start to discipline and in another, God’s going, “This is playing out like another story I know, the one where I try to lead you like this and you’re like, ‘No, I want my stuff;’ and you are a four year old girl. This is very similar to Me, Chandler. So, while Audrey’s in the corner thinking about it, why don’t you go to the other corner and think about it over there?”

All of a sudden, by trying to nurture and love and point Audrey to Christ and finding it war against me, I start to understand how big and beautiful the gospel is, that despite the fact that I war against the hand of God, He continues to love, pursue and extend grace.

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