Preaching and teaching tips for an Easter sermon

Preaching and teaching tips for an Easter sermon March 29, 2010

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Mark Driscoll shares the following 6 Preaching & Teaching Tips for Easter | TheResurgence. He urges Christians to bring their friends to church this weekend.  In the full article he makes a point which should be obvious: this Sunday you MUST speak about the resurrection.  Strangely, I have even heard reports in the past of Easter sermons which focused on the cross and neglected  the resurrection. Please don’t do that next Sunday!

Easter is a special time for me for all the reasons I mentioned over the weekend, but also because in the weeks before Easter 2007, while I was in the center of major arguments which were raging online about the meaning of the cross, I felt the gentle tug of the Holy Spirit to begin to study the resurrection.  Raised With Christ is the direct result of my being convicted of my own personal neglect of the resurrection while preparing to preach that Easter Sunday.  May God bring the resurrection to the center of all our minds this Easter. Driscoll says:

Easter is a time to boldly, loudly, passionately, gladly, and publicly proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ . . . Hearing the good news of Jesus is something your people will delight in if the Holy Spirit resides in them, so make it plain. They know you will tell them Jesus is alive, they are coming to hear it, and it sounds good every time, much like a wife whose husband often tells her he loves her and is devoted to her—she never tires of hearing it and rejoices every time.

Driscoll lists a number of passages which are suitable for preaching about the resurrection and recommends that if you are a preacher, as well as taking some time out to be with Jesus personally this week, you should read a good Christian book on the good news to help you prepare your own heart. There are, of course, a few books around about the resurrection at the moment, and Amazon does next day delivery. The reason for this is that we must be mastered by this message if we are to proclaim it as we should.  As Driscoll puts it:

I like to think of those people who have shed tears over sin they have committed and sins that have been committed against them and picture Jesus wiping every tear from their eye on the other side of resurrection as Scripture promises. I like to think of those people I know who are disabled one day being free to run and leap for joy on the other side of the resurrection. And I remember the deceased whom I love and I look forward to seeing them again on the day when we rise together to walk into the kingdom that never ends.

Here are Driscoll’s six tips for preaching on Easter Sunday which he more fully explains in his article:

  1. Keep your Easter message short.
  2. Keep your Easter message simple.
  3. Keep your Easter message invitational.
  4. Keep your Easter message special.
  5. Keep your Easter message personal.
  6. Keep your Easter message biblical.

Driscoll also encourages churches that it is a great idea to “baptize people to show the personal application of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in our place for our sins. At Mars Hill, we baptize more people on Easter than any other time of the year. . .The celebration of changed lives erupts into something of a sanctified resurrection party. I would encourage every pastor to do something similar.”

At Jubilee Church, London we will also be baptizing people this Sunday.. If you attend our church, there is a baptism class this evening at 7:30 PM in the Premier Bar for anyone wanting to add their name to the list of those being baptized.  I close this post by sharing an outstanding sermon about believer’s baptism and the breakthrough it can bring in our spiritual lives.  Dave Pask preached this message yesterday at Jubilee:

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